Iris, The Mechanical Moon

Iris is a rather small orb revolving around a large, colorfull planet. This planet, Gea, is almost as large as the Sun in the center of the solar system. When ever Iris is on the far side of Gea, and the Sun is completely blocked out for months; Gea actually warms, sometimes even lightens the strange moon.

The measure of the days and nights on Iris can only be achieved by very advanced technology and mathematics. When the moon is on the inside of Gea during its Summer, it is day light almost 23 hours in the day, with half that daylight coming from Gea, rather than the Sun. When on the far side, the night or “Winter” comes and the world becomes dark, cold and very dangerous.

Most of the time this is predictable, but the ancient scholars and lords of knowledge know that every 100 or so years, the cycle switches. Most people who know of the Cycle as it is called, don’t fully understand why. There are however a select few people, known as Astronomers who may have figured out the exact patern and reason for the changes in the what are called the Seasons.

Though there is not much super-advanced technology on Iris, there are some wonders that have been used for centuries. Engineering and the construction of Architectural and Mechanical devices have long been known to Iris, although origins of such technology and mathematics are not commonly known. But none the less, telescopes, clocks and many other complex mechanical devices are in use throughout the world.

For those who need more power or don’t want big clunky machines lying around rely on magic to get thins done, though this method is very expensive. Not many can afford to higher powerfull mages to create magic that simulates manual labor. Mostly only the rich and powerful can afford such devices as magic carriages that require no animal, or permanent magic that makes basic plumbing possible for a palace on a mountain top. But this technology is rare and fascinating to most people who have only seen simple illusions or enchantments that usually don’t last longer than a few minutes.

The most powerful thing on this moon is knowledge. Mages search for not only the secrets of the planet, but the secrets of the Universe. There are libraries spread out all across the Continent that contain levels and levels of floors filled with tomes dating back to the “Unknown” or ancient times. No one really knows how long this world has been here, and its past has only been deciphered to the last 10,000 years, but most scholars agree, based on the age of some books alone, that life on this moon has been around for millions of years. There are books in some of these libraries that appear to be even older than that. Most of “The Old Ones”, books that have yet to be deciphered, are written in such bizzare ancient languages, that it has been taking centuries to decode each one, and so far, they have identified over 1,000 different ancient languages that are so complex, it may take a team of scholars more than a millenium to decode at the rate it is going.

The Mechanical Moon